Training & Placement Division

(Initiate – Ignite – Inspire)


Transform and empower a high – level of career growth opportunities for women through training and professional development

To enrich students knowledge in latest developments of their own fields

To analyze and understand students requirements for training

To groom students meticulously throughout the course

To enhance interaction between students and industry

To elevate students career by creating opportunities through placements

To upgrade and up-skill the students knowledge understanding the need of organization / industry expectations

Maximum number of students placed before they graduate based on the skill set through on-campus, off-campus and pooled campus drives


The training and placement division plays a vital role for Graduates passing out of the college in locating job opportunities. The process supports the students in catering to the need of the students in building their career through placements, counseling and guidance for higher education, incubate entrepreneurial ideas and guiding through competitive exams. The division works closely with corporate to identify their needs and train the students accordingly. The division operates round the year to support and facilitate students by inviting experts and professionals to the campus and interact with them. Our ingenious alumnae also support the division in mentoring the passing out students. The division also conducts Career Guidance program for the students from their first year.

The training and placement division caters to attain placement for students through various programs such as:

  • Career Mapping and planning are done for students by respective departments.
  • Students are mentored throughout the course addressing to their career path and wellbeing of the students.
  • Students are trained in the areas of Aptitude, quantitative reasoning, logical reasoning and verbal through well trained faculties and external trainers.
  • Language learning programs are arranged to enhance communication skills.
  • Students are technical trained based on industry requirements by technical experts.
  • Training through group discussion, technical and HR interview are conducted for students on regular basis to perform well during attending interviews.
  • Corporate professionals are invited to campus to interact with students.
  • Students who aspire to start their own business, they are trained through entrepreneurship cell.
  • Information regarding higher education is made available to the students.
  • Alumni of departments are invited to interact and share their experiences to the students.
  • Competitive Exam Information and Guidance is rendered to students.


For Recruiters SIGC students go through a rigorous academic and career enhancement programs during their course of study. This enriches overall development of the students for career planning. Our students are trained in the aspects of aptitude, quantitative reasoning, logical reasoning, verbal, technical, and language proficiency in building overall personality towards industry readiness. As an initiative students are given opportunity to do internship in their domain knowledge. We do practice interdepartmental knowledge sharing and need based training for students. At SIGC, we pioneer short term courses that add value to the students to keep abreast of global trends. The exposure to students are very much wide that makes them ideal candidates for challenging roles in the organization. In this context, I believe that the SIGC graduates you recruit will be an asset to your organization.

Policies and Procedures

One Student One Offer (OSOO)

Students are asked to register their names with training and placement division by submitting data sheet in the prescribed format circulated by the division. The students who have registered only are eligible for campus, off campus and pooled campus drives.

It is mandatory for students who have registered for placements have to give their willingness / undertaking for the same.

Students who have registered for placement does not appear in the placement drive after expressing willingness / undertaking will be restricted to appear in upcoming drives.

The registered / eligible student must attend all the training programmes arranged by the placement division.

Placement assistance if any can be routed through the placement coordinators of their respective departments and HoDs.

Any student like to withdraw from the process of the placement drive can only do the same after attending the pre placement talk given by the companies if she feels not suitable for her.

Students who clears the first round has to complete the process of the company failing to adhere will be debarred from further placement process.

When a candidate is selected and intimated with an offer letter her name will be removed from the waiting list of the placement roll. However if the CTC is below 1.8 lakh the students will be given opportunity to appear other placement drives if the CTC is above 2.5 Lakhs.

Students who have not received the offer letter from the companies can still attend other placement drives

Students who have received offer letter are requested to share a copy of the same to the Training and Placement division.

General Instructions

Students should read the following instructions before attending placement drive:

Students are asked to report the venue of placement drive 30 minutes before the process starts.

Students attending placement drive should wear college Identity Card and carry other proof relating to photo identity and address (Adhar and PAN copy).

Students should carry three copies of resume, three recent passport size photographs, three photocopies of education certificates etc.,

Students should be neatly groomed and dressed with light colours.

Students should check all the relevant information (Company details, Eligibility, Venue, Date, Time and Job Description) and updates related to the placement drive

Students are asked to apply for PAN and Passport where some companies ask for the same.

Functions of Training & Placement

Career Development Cell (CDC)

Institute Industry Partnership Cell (IIPC)

Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EDC)

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SMS reminder to students for placement invites

UG Training Module

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