A Life-long Relationship

At Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, we wish to have a life-long relationship with our students.

Today, many of our alumnae are women leaders who are transforming the society. We are proud of our SIGCians.

SIGC’s Alumnae Association aims to maintain a strong alumnae network with the objectives of staying connected and also creating opportunities for the current students. We believe this cross-generational relationship and the interactions, mentorship and knowledge-sharing that it offers will inspire them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

The alumnae are also encouraged to exchange feedback for continual improvement of the college through our various meet-ups.

Regular alumnae meets

Every year alumnae meets are conducted on graduation day. Faculty members of each department interact with them and elicit information of their current roles and interests.

Special alumnae meets

‘Special Alumnae Meets' are also convened once in a while where alumnae who are performing significant roles in various fields are awarded.

The recipients of the award are invited in person to attend the meet and an open invitation is published in the local dailies inviting all alumnae. A chief guest is invited to address the gathering. The recipients of the award interact with current students and share their inspiring stories.

A feast is also arranged for the participants to celebrate the re-union.

Alumnae Highlights






Active Members

Our Girls who are Leading and Transforming the Society

Charulatha Jayaraman, Championing Fine Arts In The US

Poorvadevi, Entrepreneur & Language Trainer

Dr. Priya Sethuraman, Deputy Registrar, Anna University

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How Can You Contribute as an Alumna

People who are Holding the Family Together

Alumnae Association Coordinators

Ms. N. Saratha
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Commerce

Dr. N. Hemalatha
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Social Work

Ms. A. Anitha Ezhil Mangaiyarkarasi
Asst. Professor
Dept. of Physics

Ms. Anitha
Office Staff

Ms. K. Shoba
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Commerce

Office Bearers

Dr. S. Regha
Dept. of Computer Science, IT & BCA
M.Phil CS., Ph.D

Joint Secretrary
Ms. K. Chithradevi
Dept. of Microbiology
M.Phil, Microbiology

Ms. R. Indra
Dept. of Computer Science, IT & BCA
M.Phil CS

Ms. M. Umashankari

Dr. J. Shanthi
Dept. of Mathematics
M.Phil., Ph.D

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