Explore beyond boundaries

Only 3 out of 10 researchers are women, says a global study. Historically, Women's role in the society has been restricted. We want to change this.

At SIGC, we ignite the spark of curiosity in our women. This motivates them to take up research and push the boundaries of their field.

We have 7 research departments offering infrastructure, technology, financial resources and guidance to help our researchers work without limitations.

Our research culture

We have an active research environment across fields such as computer science, commerce, management studies, mathematics, microbiology, Tamil and more. This environment ensures regular grants, latest technology and access to online resources.

This culture has enabled our professors to conduct advanced research and author books based on their work (available on Amazon). Many of our staff have been chosen to review reputed international journals.

Faculty Research Programs

We are committed to the passion and interests of our professors. Following are the different forms of support offered by our management to help our faculty focus on their innovations.

1. Seed funding for research

2. Expert research committee to provide guidance

3. Subscription to national and international journals

4. Sponsorships to help attend international conferences

5. Cash awards to professors who publish in reputed journals

6. Annual publication of all research papers for common access

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Student Research Programs

Every child is curious and questions all that it sees. But somewhere during our growth, we lose our curiosity.

At SIGC, our pedagogy not only involves classroom training to teach concepts but also assignments carefully designed to make students question those concepts.

We have experienced that making students more curious has resulted in more of them opting for hands-on research during their UG or PG course. We assign faculty mentors to such students and provide them with stipends and support for materials and equipment.


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