A Healthy Ecosystem

At Shrimati Indira Gandhi College, We believe that a positive environment is essential to nurture the process of learning and development.

Our large campus spans over an area of 9.04 acres in the heart of the city. With one third of the area coverd by buildings, the remaining area is utilized for various facilities to engage and motivate students to learn beyond books such as sports, health, research, etc.

This enhances SIGCians' psycho-social well being, Knowledge, Skill, Tallent, Attitude and extra-curricular performance, thereby providing a complete growth hub for women.

The college has excellent infrastructure and learning resources for teaching and learning. There are 12 buildings comprising of 110 classrooms, 25 staff rooms with lift and ramp facilities, 27 ICT enabled smart classrooms with IFP or smart TV. Language lab software with 100 license.