Shrimati Indira Gandhi College

Gender Cell

MOTTO: "Gender Equality and Equity for All"

To ensure engagement/active participation and accountability of the students in creating an enabling environment for gender mainstreaming for a conductive organizational culture.


1.To be the change for Gender Equality and Equity.
2.To carry out gender awareness campaigns among the students.
3.To organize Gender discussions on key policy issues.
4.To enrich the debate on gender equity and equality for gender mainstreaming at national and international level.


1. Ms. S. Vembu, Asst. Professor, Dept. of English
2. Ms. M. Usha Bharathi, Asst. Professor, Dept. of English

Club activities

1.Gender sensitization and awareness programmes.
2.Discussing equity measures

Activities 2015-16

S.No Events
1 The Gender Club of the college conducted an Essay Competition on “Gender and Domestic Affairs for the III year U.G students