Shrimati Indira Gandhi College

  • Jan 2017-  29th UG Graduation Day with held on 12.1.2017.
  • Jan 2017-  Department of Bank Management organizes an outreach Programme on "Practical Banking" at Dena bank, Trichy on 6.1.2017.
  • Dec 2016-  The Department of Mathematics has organized National Level Seminar on "Modern Trends in Mathematics" by Dr.Mita Darbari head department of mathematics, Madhya pradesh on 22.12.2016.
  • Dec 2016-  The Department of Biochemistry have organized International Workshop on "Biochemical Techniques" by Dr.S.Jannathul Firdous(Alumnae of sigc) Faculty of Medicine, Pre -clinical department, university kuala lumpur, Royal college of Medicine perak, perak, Malaysia at Y.Venkateshwara dikshitar (MCA) block on 02.01.2017.
  • Dec 2016-  The Department of Social Work have organized Programme on "Scope of SocialWork" By Ms.C.Pavithra and Ms.S.Vinotha Social worker(CFCA) at Vidya Seva Ratnam K.Santhanam Auditorium on 16.12.2016.
  • Aug 2016-  The Department of Social Work organizes an outreach programme on “Stress Management” for the Shanthi Villa Destitute Home Udhayam, Trichy. on 23.7.2016, Ms.K.Shenbaham, Asst. Prof., Dept. of Social Work will be the resource person.
  • Aug 2016-  The Department of Fashion Technology & Costume Designing organizes a "One Day Workshop on Garland Making", for all students of our college on 13.8.2016.
  • Jul 2016-  Department of Computer Science conducted a lecture programme on “Warehouse Management Solutions” by Mr.M.Dhileepan, IT Engineer Wavelogix FZC(decode solutions) Dubai, for their students on 18.7.2016.
  • Jul 2016-  The Department of Biochemistry organizes Inter-Department Competition on “Fireless Cooking ”, for all UG & PG students of our college on 20.7.2016.
  • Jul 2016-  The Department of Microbiology organizes a one day camp on “Blood Group Identification”, for all UG students of our college on 19.7.2016.
  • Jul 2016-  The Department of Fashion Technology & Costume Designing organizes “Inter Departmental Competition on Face Painting” for all UG & PG students of our college on 9.7.2016.
  • Jun 2016-  "Motivation cum Personality Development Programme for Freshers" organized by Department of English will be conducted from 21.6.2016 to 24.6.2016 Resource person Prof.G.Balakrishnan.
  • --  The Department of Social work organizes an "Traditional Pongal Celebration" at kambarasampettai on 10.1.2017.
      Jan 2017
  • --  The Students’ Exnora of the college conducted a programme on “Visit to Butterfly Garden” Beneficiaries III Biochemistry and III Chemistry on 23.12.2016.
      Dec 2016
  • --  The Youth Red Cross has organized a Programme on "Disaster Management" by Dr.M.Subburaman, Director, scope, trichy at Venkateswara Dikshithar A/C Seminar Hall on 17.12.2016.
      Dec 2016
  • --  The NSS and Department of Social Work of the college arranged for a awareness programme on “HIV/AIDS Prevention among Rural Women” on 1.12.2016 by Ms.R.Jesariyo mary, RRC- District Manager District AIDS Prevention & Control Unit, Collectrate, Trichy.
      Dec 2016